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A Global Telecom Company



Our client had been facing dramatic changes in its external and internal environment. They wanted leaders at multiple layers of the organization to learn how to make high impact decisions in these challenging conditions. This required a shift from a culture of risk-aversion to disciplined risk-taking, in order to not miss out on valuable contracts and beneficial business outcomes.

Our challenge was to create a training program which would work at multiple levels of the organizational structure, across global teams and cross functionally.

of participants said the program met or exceeded expectations

The client asked us to design a curriculum with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Get people to openly share ideas and dissenting opinions
  • Provide a framework for analyzing failures
  • Help teams engage in constructive conflict
  • Move people from advocacy to collaboration
  • Solution

    We designed a program that drew on our work and research into High Impact Decision-Making in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. We set them on a transformational learning journey that included:

  • a live webinar
  • a self-paced digital learning experience on IPL's learning platform, Mentora®
  • self-reflection questions
  • virtual role-plays which incorporated peer-to-peer feedback on responses
  • 3 interactive case studies on High Impact Decision-Making
  • Program Impact

    Participant Testimonials*

    Selecting the optimum strategy
    HID will help to ensure that we have a better understanding of the situation when making product decisions - get it right and selecting the optimum go-to market strategies.
    Tools for dealing with conflict
    I consider myself to be an individual with fair and strong values, coupled with good competence. But there have been situations where people have pushed back on things or resisted change. I now feel that I won’t feel helpless in such situations in the future.
    Effectively engaging stakeholders
    This strengthens my ability to be effective in using language to align, prioritize, and execute across engagements with customers, stakeholders and team members.
    Deploy HID to the whole company
    I recommend that our company offer this course ASAP, and to the widest audience possible. It would be desirable to have the whole company working with this new mindset from next month onwards, with greater understanding of what it really means to work as one.

    Learning Journey

    Participant Testimonials*

    IDEAL is a great tool
    I will slow down, stop and think, remove the biases from thinking, and follow the IDEAL framework in real life. It is an extremely useful tool.
    As long as we learn from failure
    I will align our objectives, listen and be more open to acknowledge and learn from our failures.
    Relevant roleplays
    The content is relevant and applicable, and the role-plays mirrored real life situations that many of us have faced.
    Worth the adaptation to virtual learning
    I really liked the approach of spreading the course over several weeks. The possibility to train in the app at first felt very challenging but then became more natural.
    Confronting and overcoming fear
    I liked the way I could interact in an online format and also the way it pushed me to step away from my fears and record myself and publish it to the world.
    *anonymous at the request of the client.