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Science of Self

Goals, Values and Purpose


Establish an inner polestar for life and leadership.

Purpose and values are the foundation for great leadership, as well as for pursuing a life well lived. They illuminate our life journey by giving us direction, clarity and meaning. But we rarely step back to explore the hard questions at the core of pursuing a purpose-driven life: How do our personal values relate to our outer goals and aspirations to succeed in life and leadership? How can we establish our life purpose? What, for us, is an ideal life? How do we integrate our personal values and purpose into our role as a leader? What if the goals of our organization, or the responsibilities of our role, are not aligned with our values and purpose? Are there gaps between what we value and what we are doing today—and if so, how can these gaps be closed?

This Master Class helps participants tackle these pivotal questions so they can emerge with a concrete understanding of who they are, what they stand for, where they want to go, and what changes they need to make in their current direction in life and leadership to align with their chosen purpose.

What Participants Will Learn

Goals vs. Values

  • Powerful and surprising new findings from the science of happiness
  • Everyday practices to boost happiness
  • How to craft a vision for your ideal life
  • A breakthrough framework for integrating your values in your career

Aligning Life and Leadership with Values

  • How to define your values
  • How to identify gaps in your pursuit of these values
  • Developing an action-plan to close these gaps

Forging Purpose

  • The benefits—and costs—of pursuing purpose, and how to eliminate the costs
  • 10 principles for a purpose-driven life
  • Guided introspections to help you craft your purpose
  • Checklist to pressure-test and refine your purpose