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High Impact Decision-Making


Organizations increasingly need to make critical decisions in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) conditions. This requires them to harness the ideas and knowledge of their people across the ranks, learn from every experience, and adjust their strategies continuously. But this discipline of making high-impact decisions can be hard to execute. Employees and teams often have multiple agendas and can be prone to rushing to judgment and hesitant to express contrarian views.

The result? Risks are not identified, failures not analyzed, creative alternatives not considered, and decisions made based on who has the strongest voice. This can lead to poor organizational consequences: a bad investment, an inflexible strategy, or a failed product.

This learning journey on High Impact Decision-Making in a VUCA World will introduce you to the skills you need to maximize the quality of decisions made by your team and organization. Through two case studies, you will analyze why teams get in trouble. And you will be introduced to specific behaviors, mindsets and tools that you can use to drive high-impact outcomes from both critical and everyday decisions. You will walk away with a practical toolkit you can apply right away to drive significant improvements in decision-making.

What Participants will learn

  • Pitfalls in how decision-making meetings are traditionally run
  • 3 Case Studies: Pricing Predicament, Challenger Disaster and Pharma Launch
  • Shifting mindsets to drive learning
  • Moving yourself and others from advocacy to collaboration
  • Getting yourself and others to openly share ideas and discuss failure
  • Driving rigorous, fact-based learning
  • Getting teams to engage in constructive conflict