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Science of Self

How to Be True to Your Self


Operate with a natural force of character, anchored in your true self.

We admire people who live and lead with authenticity, exude confidence, and give clear expression to their values and interests. We all want to pursue work that is aligned with our authentic self. Yet most of us struggle to consistently operate this way, being often conflicted between pursuing an inner scorecard (of our personal goals, values and aspirations) and an outer scorecard (the expectations that others have of us).

This Master Class introduces participants to the five pillars of Personal Leadership that are at the heart of authenticity in life and leadership, and offers practical guidance on how to put these pillars into practice. It leverages the latest science of Job Crafting to help participants apply their values to achieve greater meaning in work and life and to craft an optimal scorecard to guide their journey. It also gives insights into the root causes of low self-confidence, and provides tools for building self-confidence from the inside out.

What Participants Will Learn


  • The typical mistakes people make in practicing authenticity
  • The 5 pillars of Personal Leadership that allow us to be true to our self in life and leadership

Developing Self-Confidence from the Inside Out

  • Framework for understanding self-confidence and its core drivers
  • Practical tools to strengthen your self-confidence by changing your behaviors, rescripting your beliefs, and anchoring in your values

Inner vs. Outer Scorecard

  • The costs and benefits of operating with an inner vs. outer scorecard
  • How to develop an ideal scorecard

Achieving Greater Meaning in Work and Life

  • Three ways people approach their work - Job, a Career or a Calling
  • Introduction to the science of Job Crafting
  • How can you make your work a Calling?