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Finding Your Own Truth in the Cacophony of Ideas

In formulating our bedrock beliefs, it is good to learn from great minds. But what if these minds were only able to give us a partial view? There is much we can learn from how Martin Luther King Jr. wrestled with the ideas of a great theologist to ultimately arrive at his own beliefs.

How I Succeeded by Failing in 2018

What is the best way to pursue growth? Is it to focus on how we act in our epic moments, or in our everyday moments?

The Emotionally Intelligent Way to Resolve Disagreements Faster

It’s natural during conflicts to feel you have to prove that you’re right, but this only escalates things. One party may give in, but it will be at the expense of wasted time, energy and morale. However, a surprising thing happens when you take an alternate approach.

Yes, It’s Still About the Team (And nowhere more importantly than in the C-Suite)

C-Suite collaboration is the need of the hour. In a fluctuating world, where change is the only constant, if the C-Suite can’t forge solutions quickly and cohesively, their organizations will suffer. Many structural and organizational solutions have been proposed to make the C-Suite more impactful and nimble. But do these solutions help advance the Chiefs’ ability to make quick “high-impact decisions”?

Topics: Decision-Making

How “Inner Masters” Win at Social Media

Social media can be a powerful leadership tool for communicating values and value propositions in a way that can be quickly heard and spread, through the modern media landscape. Executed randomly, emotionally and at a surface level, social media can lead to many missteps, misdeeds and significant mishaps. But when done from a place of purpose, wisdom, love, growth and self-realization—from what we call Inner Mastery—social media can quickly move hearts, minds—and markets—like no other tool we’ve ever had before.

Are Robo-Instructors the Future of Corporate Training?

We live in a world where education and training are getting increasingly automated in a quest for convenience. But what are we losing as automation takes over? In a new article in Fast Company, IPL's Senior Director of Research, Josh Davis, reveals four steps from the science of learning in which human touch remains necessary to yield better L&D results and value over time.

Topics: Self-Mastery, Trust

“Digital Ready” - It’s All About the Mindsets

By Dan Burrier and Julie Hussain

In the new digital world in which we live, two management questions arise: How do I lead and manage teams of people for whom digital is as natural as breathing oxygen when the tools, models and practices of this world may be newer and more foreign to me? Or, how do I lead people who just don't get digital? From the perspective of our research and teachings at IPL, the answer to these opposite and complementary questions is the same: mindsets.

Topics: Self-Mastery, Trust

Diversity is Not Enough in an Increasingly VUCA World

Experts tell us that to succeed in our VUCA world, leaders must be more than just experts – they must be agile, quick, innovative, collaborative, decisive, adaptive and creative. But even this list is missing two critical qualities. Meet diversity and inclusion, powerful allies for leadership in an ever-changing world.

Purpose—Mightier Than the Perk

By Julie Hussain

When it comes to talent management and retention, conventional wisdom tells us that the employee experience is paramount. Yet, most organizations continue to struggle with successfully engaging employees by focusing on tangible or extrinsic rewards. Is it possible we’ve been thinking about perks all wrong?

The Power of the Pause

How many times have you replayed a difficult conversation and realized it could have gone another way if you had simply taken a moment to stop and think? With the power of the Pause Button, you no longer have to wonder “what if…?”

Why Are So Many Leaders Failing Today?

In an era where leaders seem to be constantly falling from grace, the big question we need to answer is: In the long run, what does it take for a leader to stay on top of their game?

The Power of Prep

In today's world, there's a sense that great managers have an inherent ability to “do it all.” At IPL, our research shows that this is a myth. So what's the secret to becoming a high performer?

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Each year, nearly 90% of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them. How can you buck this trend rather than become yet another statistic of surrender? Professor Hitendra Wadhwa explores the process of discarding old habits and forming new ones that endure.

Topics: Habits, Change, Growth

Steve Jobs's Secret to Greatness: Yogananda

At his memorial service in 2011, each attendee received a gift that had been handpicked by Steve Jobs himself before he passed. Through this last act, Jobs shared a critical text that had shaped his journey. Who was the mysterious yogi behind this tour de force, and what were his teachings?

Lessons in Leadership: How George Washington Surrendered His Ambitions (and Won Big)

We've been conditioned to believe that ambition and surrender are foes. But what if we thought of them as friends? Through the journey of an American hero, George Washington, we learn how surrender can fuel remarkable success.

Nelson Mandela and the Evolution of Great Leaders

Nelson Mandela's ascension from being a political prisoner doing hard manual labor to becoming the first democratically elected President of South Africa is the stuff that dreams are made of. But that's only his outer journey. His inner journey, as a leader and a human being, is equally compelling.

What Would Winston Do?

In 1940, a war-weary Britain was on the verge of capitulation. Learn how Churchill turned it around—and what lessons you can take from this pivotal moment in history.

Lessons in Leadership: How Lincoln Became America's Greatest President

What made Lincoln great wasn’t simply his strengths, but rather how he harnessed those strengths for the right purpose.

How Heroes Inspire You to Be Your Best

When studying the lives of great leaders—their actions, thoughts, choices, struggles, failures, and triumphs— we unconsciously internalize their life-lessons and start applying those findings in our own lives. This can help us be our best selves everyday without us even realizing it.

Why We All Need Heroes

Most of us do not realize how powerful it can be to have the right heroes in life and leadership. And so we miss out on a powerful opportunity to acquire the courage, wisdom and strength we need to pursue our dreams.

The Wrath of a Great Leader

Average leaders focus on results, and that's it. Good leaders focus also on the behaviors that will get the results. But as this article reveals, great leaders like Martin Luther King focus on the emotions that will drive the right behavior.