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Forging a Winning Path

See how this former First Lady used remarkable presence of mind and creativity to set an example for countering racism in society.

Gaining Inspiration from Great Leaders

Learn how Gandhi's teachings on non-violence separately influenced two fathers dealing with typical parenting challenges.

Taking Small Steps Toward Leadership Mastery

Discover what enabled Katharine Graham, the real-life subject of the Oscar-nominated movie The Post,  to rise to the occasion when her husband’s unexpected death suddenly thrust her into a leadership role she hadn’t prepared for.

Leading from the Inside Out

Hear how Martin Luther King, Jr. channeled his anger constructively to fulfill a higher purpose.

Michael Phelps's Dark Moment

Discover how Michael Phelps overcame an unexpected disruption during an Olympic race - and take away a valuable lesson for your own life and leadership.

What We Can Learn from a Renaissance Masterpiece

Hear why Michelangelo’s mindset set him apart from his peers in how he confronted challenges.

Elon Musk - Man on a Mission

Learn how Elon Musk embraced paradox to get his company Tesla out of a big mess.

Making Leadership a Habit

Learn how great leaders have used everyday moments as practice grounds for their values.