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Science of People

Inspirational Leadership


Inspire your people to deliver their best.

How do leaders get people to do what they need them to do? Poor leaders command their people, good leaders persuade them, and great leaders inspire them.

Today’s employees are increasingly looking for a more authentic connection with their work. Traditional reward-and-punishment tactics are becoming less effective in motivating employees as they increasingly look for a workplace that can provide them with autonomy and fulfillment.

How can we infuse more meaning into people’s work and inspire them to deliver their best every day? How can we sustain this inspiration during times of turbulence? What should we do when an employee isn’t motivated to deliver? Can inspirational leadership be learned in the first place, or is it simply a quality some people possess and others don’t?

This Master Class provides participants with practical wisdom on these questions based on the latest science of human motivation and the inspirational practices of great leaders. It teaches participants how to lead with inspiration and create the conditions where people rise to their highest potential and pursue collective success even against enormous odds.

What Participants Will Learn

Inspiring Others

  • How inspiration and meaning drive employee performance and loyalty
  • Why leaders typically fail at inspiring people
  • 6 principles for inspiring others + 5 attributes of an inspiring vision
  • Template for crafting and communicating an inspiring vision

Maximizing Engagement

  • How to help your people make their work a calling
  • How great leaders have ignited strong passion and commitment in their people even in the midst of challenging conditions

Practice and Feedback

  • Video-based roleplay challenges to practice and gain feedback on how to motivate and inspire your people, using IPL’s proprietary Mentora platform