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Jake DeBerry

Senior Director, Client Development

Jake is a passionate explorer and after having lived on 5 continents, he considers himself a business nomad. Pursuing truth through research & collaboration, he has spent his career focused on leading himself and others to insight. At IPL, Jake enables teams & organizations to improve their performance and culture through the science of Personal Leadership. He loves solving complex challenges alongside clients, seeking to push the bounds of our current approaches to learning, mental training, and positive behavior change.

He began his career with Corporate Executive Board (now Gartner). After excelling in business development roles, Jake moved to Singapore to launch the business in Asia Pacific. Within this role he advised executives with research-backed insights on how to traverse the challenges of operating global organizations—with specific focus on leadership and talent, along with business development. He then relocated to Hong Kong to focus on the Greater China market and support integration of a recently acquired talent measurement organization. Responsible for the growth of CEB's business, Jake led his group to over 500% growth. After CEB, he joined the NeuroLeadership Institute, a think tank and consultancy at the intersection of neuroscience & business, where he built and led their Corporate Solutions team. He helped clients reframe and retool their approach to leadership, performance, and change. Before IPL, he served as a Lab Lead in Deloitte's Client Innovation Center where he designed and facilitated custom workshops with executive teams to enable breakthroughs across their toughest challenges. Jake also served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps, helping local artisan groups and youth advance towards their goals. He holds a bachelor's in psychology and economics from the University of Virginia.

Jake lives in New York City with his wife and son. In his spare time, he explores the great outdoors, from mountain climbing to scuba diving—and everything in-between.