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Capturing Personal Leadership Journeys

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We welcome you to view some of the moving Personal Leadership Journey stories contributed by the IPL community. More information about the project and its mission is below.

If you're ready to submit a story idea or nominate a storyteller, please sign up here. If you'd like to read some Frequently Asked Questions about the project, then click here. If you'd like a little more information about the history of the project, I invite you to continue to read on.

We started doing Personal Leadership Journeys in my Columbia MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Education classes on Personal Leadership & Success more than ten years ago. Every participant shared a story with the audience. These journeys have always had a powerful impact on the audience, providing compelling personal insights for mastering life and leadership and helping everyone feel a deep connection with each other. I have realized through these stories how every person has rich and heroic experiences in their life that they can enrich and inspire others with.

And so we have launched this project to build a video-library of Personal Leadership journeys we can all tap into. A way to share experiences, build community, and reflect on our strengths.

If you would like to participate, please submit a story idea through the sign up form, and you may be invited to a Zoom session to record a story for about 3-5 minutes, and share something that, to you, has mattered a lot in life, and that you want to share as a contribution to your peers. Your story could be about a special chapter in your life, a triumph you experienced or a challenge you undertook, a story that you find particularly inspiring, a song or piece of art that gives you special pleasure, a person that has inspired you, a philosophy or value that you find very meaningful, or anything else. It's up to you.

After you submit your story idea, our storytelling coach will reach out to you with materials to help you develop your story and set up some time for you to film it (either remotely over Zoom conference or in person). Once your story has been added to the Personal Leadership Journeys library, you will have access to the many other stories we are collecting in our library from others like you.

When your spirit seeks kinship, imagine how valuable it would be to you to have a searchable video library where you can experience peers sharing their personal journeys on a wide and ever-growing range of topics, like making a career transition, raising a family, and facing challenges as leaders.

My own life, leadership and teaching have been enriched beyond measure by the footprints MBAs and executives have left behind with their stories. Now we have a way to build a permanent collection of these stories. I do hope you'll contribute to it. This will be an increasingly valuable asset for all of us in this time of rapid change.