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Kraft Heinz Case Study



Kraft Heinz had recently been involved in a merger, and the organization was learning to function in this new environment. Employees were asked to adjust to the new operating structure and be more productive with fewer resources. After several years that were focused on change and operational efficiency, the Head of People and Performance sought to optimize and uplift the culture.

Our challenge was to build a program for new managers in cross-functional leadership positions across global teams. Our goal was to develop their leadership, people management and collaboration capabilities.

We were asked to design an experiential learning journey that would help participants:

  • Quickly transition from individual contributors to team leaders
  • Develop and inspire their team members
  • Create sustainable change at the organization and within themselves

  • Solution

    We designed a program that drew on our work and research on Mastering Emotions, Mastering Difficult Conversations, Delivering Effective Feedback and Inspirational Leadership.

    The learning journey was designed not only to elevate the leadership capabilities of the new managers, but also to create a shared language and approach between cross-functional managers.

    The learning journey included:

  • In-person workshops, across 4 continents, on Mastering Difficult Conversations and Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Interactive live-streamed webinars on Mastering Emotions and Inspirational Leadership
  • Real-plays that encouraged participants to practice difficult conversations and feedback situations that they expected to have in the near future.
  • Role-plays that motivated participants to respond to written and video prompts through group practice, using a set of scenarios and guidelines. Role-plays were tailored to the client’s particular gap areas and development needs
  • Post Workshop Practice that helped create accountability groups for each cohort. The groups met every month after their respective workshops to practice the tools and techniques they had learned. Practice included using IPL-designed role-play scenarios on Difficult Conversations and Feedback. The groups served as sounding boards for their individual challenges and held each other accountable for practicing and implementing the newly learned leadership capabilities.

  • Impact

    As a result of this learning journey, IPL was able to help Kraft Heinz:

  • Provide critical leadership development for over 220 newly promoted managers
  • Create a shared language and approach across the organization for engaging in difficult conversations and delivering effective feedback
  • Emphasize the importance and impact of developing leadership capabilities, while providing practical techniques around emotional mastery and inspiring others
  • 100%
    of surveyed managers said that their effectiveness at difficult conversations improved after the program.
    of them said they felt more comfortable giving feedback, when needed, after the program.

    What Kraft Heinz Managers Say

    Return on Learning