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Science of Strategy

Leadership Intuition


We typically expect executives to take an analytical approach to solving problems and making decisions. And yet, every seasoned and successful executive will acknowledge the key role that intuition plays in guiding their judgments. Few of us have an understanding of how to harness this powerful tool of intuition. Most of us lack a clear understanding of what intuition is, where it comes from, whether and how it can be cultivated, and how to avoid the inevitable risks and pitfalls of going with our “gut.”

This program demonstrates how critical intuition is to the accomplishments of great achievers. It introduces you to three distinct types of leadership intuition, each of which has its own principles and applications. You will learn how to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls that emerge when you seek to apply intuition on a more regular and intentional basis at work. And you will learn practical, scientifically validated tools that you can use immediately to boost the quality of your leadership insights, judgment and decision-making through the active and intentional cultivation of your own leadership intuition.

What Participants Will Learn

Three Levels of Intuition

  • The power—and pitfalls—of intuition
  • Expert Intuition, Creative Intuition and Spiritual Intuition

Developing Intuition

  • Why intuition fails us
  • Integrating analysis with intuition
  • Scientific findings on the connection between intuition, consciousness, experience and the brain

Using Intuition to Guide Decisions

  • How to prepare and tap your intuition for crucial decisions
  • Practical methods for strengthening intuition as an everyday aid in decision-making