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Science of People

Leading Change


Maximize your personal impact in times of change.

Are character, personality and intelligence fixed, or can they be changed? How can you change your behavior—and how can you change other people’s behavior? When we observe how people remain the same year after year, we may develop the impression that people are essentially unchangeable. And yet, in today’s fast-changing world, it is critical for us to change our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors—and to lead others to change as well.

This Master Class helps participants understand, in scientific terms, the true potential that exists to change people’s behavior. It introduces them to a change framework and to best practices used by “change champions”—leaders who have succeeded at changing themselves and others. It helps them translate these practices into a practical set of techniques that can be deployed immediately to drive change in people.

Leading Change invites participants to first focus on the most important person they need to change—their own self—and then helps them master the challenge of changing the people they lead. Performance and happiness is as much about mastering the inner forces as it is about mastering the outer.

What Participants Will Learn

How Much Can We Change?

  • How people get trapped by their own perceptions of constraints
  • Using storytelling to surface your mindset
  • How to shift mindsets to maximize your impact

Changing Your Self

  • 5 building blocks of change
  • Practical tools and behaviors for changing your self
  • Creating a behavior change plan

Changing Others

  • Mindsets and behaviors that restrict people from changing their behavior
  • 5 building blocks for changing others
  • Practical tools and behaviors for getting others to change