IPL Founder Hitendra Wadhwa joins Brené Brown, Guy Kawasaki, Yuval Harari & Other Top Experts at One of the Biggest Business Summits of the Year. x

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Science of Self

Leading from the Heart


Cultivate the inner virtue that will help you multiply your impact and build a loyal following.

We are not typically invited to practice the quality of love in the workplace. And yet, as this Master Class shows, great leaders throughout history have actively used the power of love to inspire and energize their people. Research is providing growing evidence that the practice of compassion, kindness, selflessness, forgiveness and servant leadership drives success in relationships, worth and health, as well as increasing happiness.

Leading from the Heart invites participants to approach love in a way that has a positive effect on every relationship and interaction in their personal and professional life. They get tools to help them put this new understanding of love into practice. Participants emerge inspired and motivated to more actively pursue the path of love in life and leadership, with a set of tools to guide their journey.

A question that has bedeviled humanity since ancient times is whether or not we should forgive those who have wronged us. Leading from the Heart helps you understand this path to forgiveness, as revealed by science and studies of great leaders from history.

What Participants Will Learn

Role of Love in Personal Leadership

  • Precise definition of love as it applies to life and work
  • 4 dimensions of love
  • How the mainstream view of love contrasts with the Personal Leadership view
  • How great leaders have practiced love in the pursuit of their causes
  • How love makes us more effective in life and leadership
  • The cost of love and how to avoid its downsides

How to Cultivate Love

  • How to cultivate unconditional respect
  • Techniques for giving 100% of yourself in all interactions

Winner’s Path to Forgiveness

  • Costs and benefits of forgiveness
  • How great leaders have approached forgiveness
  • Techniques for practicing forgiveness in life and leadership