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Science of People

Mastering Difficult Conversations


Translate moments of conflict into collaborative, win-win exchanges.

How should we respond to criticism? Provide critical feedback? Express our concern or disagreement? Say “no”? Get someone to change their mind? As we grow professionally, we begin to recognize how critical—and challenging—it is to gain positive outcomes from what appear to be upsetting conversations.

This Master Class introduces participants to 5 principles and 10 techniques for mastering difficult conversations, and gives them specific tools to learn how to disagree or criticize constructively and how to say “no.” Participants learn how to move from conflict to collaboration in a single interaction. They get the opportunity to practice their new skills and gain feedback. Most of all, participants walk away with a much deeper appreciation for how conflict-laden conversations, when approached the right way, can lead to positive, win-win outcomes.

What Participants Will Learn

Principles and Techniques

  • Framework for understanding key drivers of success in difficult conversations
  • 5 principles and 10 techniques for getting positive outcomes from difficult conversations
  • Techniques for how to constructively disagree with people or say “no” to them

Scientific Insights

  • Scientific findings on how our inner life—our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and values—affects our dynamics during moments of conflict
  • How great leaders have moved their people from conflict to collaboration, won over their opponents, and achieved win-win breakthroughs

Tools & Practice

  • Video roleplay challenges that help participants put their difficult-conversation techniques into practice and get feedback using IPL’s proprietary Mentora platform