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Science of Self

Mastering Emotions


Gain dominion over anger, anxiety, pessimism, stress and other emotions.

Research in psychology and organizational science has delivered a clear verdict—that mastering our emotions is key to success in life and leadership. And yet, very few of us are actively aware of how our emotions influence our performance, relationships, health and happiness—and how we can gain mastery over them.

This Master Class taps the latest insights and tools from the frontiers of psychology, psychotherapy and neuroscience to provide participants with surprising insights into how emotions help them and hurt them, and what they can do to gain mastery over their emotions. They emerge with a deeper understanding of how to shift their emotional state in real time and experience a rebound in their moods and motivation. They learn about the pitfalls in thinking that lead them to experience disruptive emotions, and how they can eliminate these pitfalls by rescripting their thoughts. They walk away with a toolkit that will help them approach emotional mastery, leading to greater success and fulfillment at work and in life.

Mastering Emotions reveals to participants how the path to success—to high performance and happiness—is as much about mastering the inner forces as it is about mastering the outer.

What Participants Will Learn

Emotions: The Optimal State

  • Latest scientific findings on how emotions help you, and how they hurt you
  • The significant role emotions have played for great leaders
  • The optimal state of mastery you should be striving for with emotions such as anger, optimism and anxiety

Mastering Emotions by Changing Thoughts and Behaviors

  • Typical mental distortions that cause people to experience disruptive emotions
  • Practical tools for how to master your emotions by changing your behavior and by changing your thoughts