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Big Four Accounting Firm



Our client provided leadership training to managers and above, but did not have adequate programs to offer leadership training for junior staff, particularly millennials clamoring for similar training opportunities. This client chose IPL because of our unique inner-mastery outer-impact approach to difficult conversations, our digital offerings in Mentora (mobile access anytime, anywhere), and our deep grounding in the science of learning.

increase in comfort engaging in difficult conversations (prior to the class, many participants were avoiding such conversations)


Through Mentora, our digital learning platform, we offered this client a class called Mastering Difficult Conversations spaced out over six weeks. The class included role-play challenges with peer feedback, real-life practice missions and knowledge checks. Through a mix of learning, self-testing and real-time feedback, Mentora allowed junior staff to improve their skills in a risk-free environment with their own peers.

of participants who were highly engaged in role plays saw a measured improvement in difficult conversation skills such as Disarming, Empathizing and Self-Expression
One of the biggest differences after using Mentora and taking the Mastering Difficult Conversations class is the change in my previous hesitancy to participate in difficult conversations. Before, I avoided or completely gave in to the other party’s wishes. Now I know I have the tools and confidence to engage.
Big Four Accounting Firm Participant
The biggest insights I have taken from this class are positive intention, unconditional respect, non-attachment to outcomes and inquiring. Some of these are things I already did, but I could do more. Others are significant new areas of development.
Big Four Accounting Firm Participant
I appreciated the real-world examples. If Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela could implement these techniques and principles in the midst of war and revolutions, I can implement them in my work and professional life.”
Big Four Accounting Firm Participant
I have noticed that I am much more confident in my difficult conversations and able to organize my thoughts better. Using the Non-Attachment to Outcome principle has really changed the outcomes of these conversations in a positive way.
Big Four Accounting Firm Participant
I have really enjoyed the program as a whole. It is very interactive and informative. The videos from Professor Wadhwa are interesting and engaging! And this program's timing couldn't have been better too, as I am heading into my manager promotion next year.
Big Four Accounting Firm Participant