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Our client needed to get a global group of executives to step out of their comfort zone, and practice new leadership skills and behaviors. They chose IPL to develop a learning community where these 200+ globally-dispersed strategy, finance, sales, and HR executives could bolster their own skills, and seek honest and constructive feedback from peers at their level.

of participants completed the daily role plays


We designed and delivered a 12-week executive program through our digital learning platform, Mentora, where participants received training on various topics, followed by 10 minutes a day of role-play practice and feedback exercises. This program included the following elements:

  • Three online programs, consisting of online videos, and reflection and discussion questions:
    • Mastering Difficult Conversations
    • Power of Storytelling
    • Leading Change
  • Two live-streamed webinars with IPL Faculty
  • Role-play practice enabling participants to practice their learnings in a low-risk environment
  • 86%
    saw a measurable improvement in scores for the daily role plays
    This journey with IPL has been nothing short of amazing for me. The lessons that I’ve learned through the beautiful videos and my interactions with my peers have had a deep and profound influence on my life.
    Ericsson Participant
    There is a bit of resistance and fear before you start your Mentora recording— but then you really enjoy it, like it and want to do more and more! It would be really great and highly appreciated if we could convert all our theoretical knowledge into practical skills with more Mentora exercises!
    Ericsson Participant
    The Mentora role plays force you to practice what you have heard in thevideos from Professor Wadhwa—and you realize it's not so easy, and that you really need to practice!
    Ericsson Participant
    The virtual role plays in Mentora are a great example of gamification. The instant feedback and scorecard makes me want to improve all the time!
    Ericsson Participant