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GE Ventures



Our client, the venture capital subsidiary of GE, came to us to bring interpersonal skills to the entrepreneurial CEOs from their portfolio companies after equipping them in strategy and business skills. The learning team needed training that would be relatable to each leader—and to a group that was highly diverse in terms of work experience, industry and corporate culture.

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We designed a custom, two-day Inner Mastery & Outer Impact workshop, which included topics on the growth mindset, emotional mastery, relationships, difficult conversations and changing others’ behaviors. Following the workshop, participants practiced with role plays on our digital learning platform, Mentora, over the next eight weeks, specifically working on improving skills in difficult conversations.

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When I first started using Mentora, I was unsure if it would make any difference in how I responded to a situation, and if it could help me learn emotional mastery. After using Mentora for only a few weeks, I started receiving positive feedback from both my peers doing the program with me, and even business colleagues that were not in the program with me, about my response to challenging situations.
Wes Bolsen, Head of Business Development & Public Affairs, Cool Planet Energy Systems, GE Ventures
One of the main challenges I have as a non-native English speaker is to better understand American business and corporate culture. Through the simulations of various aspects of corporate life followed by feedback and evaluation in Mentora, this practice has helped me dramatically improve my interpersonal communication skills. I have validated my new skills within our startup company and results have been stunning—the quality of the teamwork has dramatically improved.
Leon Eisen, CEO and Founder of Oxitone Medical, GE Ventures
Mentora makes you a better leader. I had to let an employee go due to policy violations. The conversation was better and the outcome less destructive because of my approach, based on the techniques of difficult conversations learned through the use of this tool.
Stuart Page, CEO of Glori Energy, GE Ventures