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Harlem Children’s Zone



Our client was seeking to transition from one generation of leaders to another in the face of a rapidly evolving public and private landscape around funding education and inner-city development (e.g., gentrification, politics, etc.). The new CEO needed to inspire the new leadership team to prepare for the next 30 years, after decades of tremendous success in positively impacting opportunities for children and families in Harlem and beyond. IPL’s goal was to build internal trust, improve collaboration and create sustainable culture change.

of coaching participants derived strong value from their coaching sessions


We designed four three-day workshops and began a year-long coaching relationship with the client’s top leaders. We developed the workshop agenda based upon the client’s needs, which included The Five Pillars of Personal Leadership, Building Trust and Mastering Difficult Conversations. In addition, our faculty facilitated action-learning workshops to help participants work through actual difficult conversations that needed to be addressed, and created action plans for organizational change.

of coaching participants felt their coach helped shift their mindset and behavior to drive positive results and impact


As a result of these workshops and coaching sessions, IPL was able to help this client:

  • Improve communication and connection between team members
  • Narrow down and clearly articulate six organizational values that will now be rolled out to shape the culture and clarify the identity of the organization, both internally and externally
  • Work together more effectively by articulating and sharing work styles and preferences
  • I would recommend IPL if you are a CEO ready to embark on a journey that’s going to be really transformational. I personally have felt very gratified by the work. I know that I’m getting stronger as a CEO, and I am absolutely positively sure that IPL was the right work to do at this time.
    Anne Williams-Isom, CEO, Harlem Children’s Zone
    After the work we've done together, I've suddenly been able to make the distinction between assertiveness and aggressiveness, and own my assertiveness. I can now walk into a room knowing the power that comes from expertise and confidence, and without worrying about seeming too aggressive. I've been able to practice this successfully in many different situations, some of them even seemingly hostile.
    Harlem Children’s Zone Participant
    Thank you so much for the coaching. It is huge that I actually shared everything that is happening in my life. Needless to say, I trust my IPL coach, am very comfortable talking to her, and value and appreciate her insight.
    Harlem Children’s Zone Participant