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Tata Communications



Our client had redefined corporate strategy, where collaboration and innovation were skills critical to the success of the new corporate initiatives. They chose IPL to provide leadership training in these areas for their top 250 globally-dispersed leaders, based on our global reach and our ability to offer a unique blend of in-person workshops, webinars, group coaching and Mentora digital learning journeys at scale.

4.8 / 5.0
participants’ ratings of overall program satisfaction


Working closely with the company’s CEO, we conducted interviews in focus groups, reviewed 360 diagnostic assessments, and used this information to structure a customized year-long learning journey for the top global leaders. Over one year, participants attended an in-person workshop and engaged with four online classes of their choosing. This content was supplemented with three webinars: “Success Principles for Life & Leadership” to start the program, “Driving Success in Your Personal Leadership Journey” at the program’s midpoint, and “Collaboration: The Final Frontier” at the conclusion of the program.

I’ve started dreaming to do the ‘impossible’ and have set out on a journey to achieve these goals. I have broken down my goals into little, executable bits and continuously track these subgoals while I execute my day-to-day work.
Tata Communications Participant
Mentora is an excellent platform—the best I have seen so far. For me, it has now become a way of life. It has definitely helped me to develop a growth mindset, and the impact has been tremendous. I think the change is helping me to cope with different situations and people in a much more productive way.
Tata Communications Participant
My leadership journey with IPL has been excellent. It has definitely brought in lot of conscious changes in my approach and thought process. I see myself changing in the way I handle situations, based on what I’ve learned through IPL.
Tata Communications Participant
I found my calling—I now wake up everyday raring to go to work. It almost feels like working on a mission! I am now trying to influence the rest of my colleagues based on my learnings.
Tata Communications Participant
This is the best training I have received so far. I have gone through Mastering Emotions twice in Mentora to ensure it sticks and stays forever.
Tata Communications Participant