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Our client invited us to design content for its annual leadership academy program. Though the primary focus was strategic communication within the company, the client wanted the content to be personalized to each participant’s individual needs.

gave scores of 4 or 5 (on a 5-point scale) in overall recommendation of the program


We opened access to a course catalog including over 30 classes, and each participant was able to choose the two classes most applicable to their daily needs. We then provided a 12-week structure for completion of this content. In addition to this personalized learning, we hosted an in-person workshop, designed interactive role plays and ran online lectures for the whole group of participants on the following topics: Driving Strategic Impact and Mastering Difficult Conversations.

I attribute providing IPL’s training program on ‘Driving Strategic Impact’ to our team in India to leading to 0% attrition there, which is unheard of in India!
-John Kimmet, Executive Director, Customer Relationship Management, Verizon
IPL’s content is a fantastic combination of learning, listening, and then applying through case studies—and the real-time rapid feedback is a huge bonus. After my entire organization had taken the training, I started to see that we were thinking differently, and we were more easily able to solve complex problems.
John Kimmet, Executive Director, Customer Relationship Management, Verizon
The reason why we chose the Institute for Personal Leadership is that it is very practical, and it is close to the daily problems we face. The structure and the tools are designed in such a way that they are so easy to implement, with amazing results.
Naveen Avuthu, Associate Director, Global Marketing Analytics, Verizon
I liked the video format and flexibility. It is hard to get in this type of course with day-to-day business, but the structure and format allowed me to take advantage of the program.
Verizon Participant
The video lectures by Professor Wadhwa were quite engaging, and the mobile app was very useful during travel. The structured approach is very helpful to discipline oneself towards generating outcome-based analyses.
Verizon Participant