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Ericsson Case Study



Ericsson needed to get a global group of 200+ executives to step out of their comfort zone and practice new leadership skills and behaviors. Our challenge was to develop a learning community where these globally-dispersed executives across strategy, finance, sales and HR functions could bolster their own skills, and seek honest, constructive feedback from their peers.


We designed a program that drew on our work and research on the Power of Storytelling, Mastering Difficult Conversations and Leading Change.

Elements of the learning journey included:

  • 12-weeks of self-paced learning on IPL's digital learning platform, Mentora
  • 2 interactive, live-streamed webinars with IPL Faculty
  • Role-plays that motivated participants to respond to written and video prompts every day for 10-minutes
  • Peer feedback delivered on exercises throughout the learning journey

  • 86%
    of executives saw measurable improvement in their skills through daily role-play practice on Mentora.