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Science of Self

Operating at Full Potential


Enhance your physical and social well-being to allow you to operate at full potential.

How can we maintain a high level of energy throughout the day? What influence do colleagues, friends, family, community and media have on our values, behavior and performance, and how can we align our social environment to maximize our success? How can we ensure that we stay as healthy as we can, for as long as we can? What does our lifestyle have to do with our pursuit of success in life and leadership?

Operating at Full Potential provides participants with eye-opening insights into how social connections and interactions, nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and media-consumption shape who they are, who they will become, and how much psychological and physical freedom they will have to pursue their goals. It provides participants with a practical toolkit for how to successfully re-architect their lifestyle to unshackle themselves from physical and social constraints so they can maximize their engagement with life and leadership.

What Participants Will Learn

Social Environment

  • Latest scientific findings on how your social environment subconsciously influences your character, personality, happiness, performance and behavior
  • Practical techniques for redesigning your social environment to allow you to operate at full potential

Maximizing Your Energy

  • How your body produces energy, and how your everyday habits affect your energy levels
  • Limitations of popular approaches to boosting your energy
  • Scientifically validated best practices for managing your energy levels

Science of Nutrition

  • Popular myths about diet and health
  • The perils and possibilities in modern-day foods
  • Powerful new scientific findings on nutrition
  • Practical steps to improve your diet today