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Paul Gimenez

Director, Client Development

Paul helps organizations architect immersive training experiences rooted in 21st-century science. He is responsible for building IPL’s relationships with key clients and partners in North America and Europe, with the ultimate goal of bringing Personal Leadership to organizations who will be well-served with our work. He also guides business strategy and helps strengthen IPL’s content and learning design. His innermost calling is to synthesize interdisciplinary science to uncover truths of human nature that can help people, organizations and societies to learn, grow, and prosper.

Prior to joining IPL, Paul had responsibilities in consulting, business development, research, and content creation at The NeuroLeadership Institute, an organization dedicated to using neuroscience to transform leadership. Before entering the private sector, he conducted neuroscience and psychological research at Stanford University, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and UCSF. His research at these institutions focused on learning and development, emotion, the neural basis of human morality, and decision-making. He also co-founded and currently runs a nonprofit organization, 100 For All, a charity dedicated to bringing clean water solutions to areas in need. Paul received his BA in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and his MA in Psychology (with an emphasis in research methods) from Columbia University.

In his spare time, Paul loves performing arts and music. He’s been an actor and musician since childhood and he regularly performs around New York City as a lead vocalist with his rock band, Hello Halo.