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Pfizer Case Study



Our client was experiencing some challenges with its sales and marketing culture. These issues, including a shrinking supply chain and increased focus on cost-containment and accountability, were largely inherent to the pharmaceutical industry. And yet with regard to sales and marketing, these issues resulted in inefficiency, and a culture that was too risk averse.


length of the journey with the client
that is now a licensed program

who have gone through training and implemented
new innovation tools on their projects


We observed the client’s specific needs, and codified these best practices into key principles, behaviors, mindsets, tools and templates. We then created a personalized curriculum, titled “Disciplined Innovation,” which was targeted at decreasing risk aversion and improving innovation. After the training was delivered to the sales and marketing division, the results were so impactful that the client had us scale up the content to use for training in a global rollout across all major markets.