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Why CBS Podcast with Hitendra Wadhwa

Learn how transforming the world really beings with transforming oneself, and how looking inward can catapult us to our highest potential.


President Donald J. Trump’s White House: Chaos or Effective Leadership?

Professor Wadhwa discusses how chaos shapes leadership and the opportunities yielded by the current climate in the White House.


Redefining The Practice of Leadership: Prof Hitendra Wadhwa

Discover how self-mastery - exploring who you are, curating the values and emotions that drive your behaviors - critically impacts your interactions in life and leadership.


BBC World Service Interview

Can spirituality and business co-exist? Learn about Professor Wadhwa’s personal quest to resolve this question.


Leadership Lesson from Lincoln

Uncover how Lincoln’s greatness as a leader was derived not from his outer achievements, but rather from the cultivation of an inner force that we all have the ability to tap into.