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Science of People

Power of Storytelling


Win people’s hearts by communicating through stories.

Our ideas, aspirations and plans, however brilliant, carry no weight unless we can engage and gain buy-in from other people. Great leaders have recognized the power of storytelling to go beyond the sharing of facts and logic in winning their audience’s hearts—not simply in formal speeches, but also in everyday conversations. And yet, storytelling remains one of the most under-tapped tools in leadership.

This Master Class trains participants in a powerful communication tool for organizing their strategic ideas into a compelling story, introduces participants to key principles of storytelling, shows how to build a library of powerful personal stories, and gives participants the opportunity to practice storytelling for guiding, motivating and inspiring others.

Power of Storytelling equips participants with a powerful and practical toolkit that will transform their approach to communication.

What Participants Will Learn

Structuring Your Ideas

  • Powerful communication tool to help organize your facts, conclusions and recommendations in a persuasive story structure

Storytelling Techniques

  • How to use stories at work to inform, engage, persuade and build trust
  • 10 storytelling principles for collecting, developing, adapting and narrating stories for maximum impact
  • Storytelling checklist to guide you in preparing your next story

Putting into Practice

  • Opportunities to practice and get feedback on your storytelling skills using IPL’s proprietary Mentora platform
  • Highlights from IPL’s story collection—over 1,000 stories shared by past executive participants in IPL’s Personal Leadership classes—to help you start to build your own collection