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Science of People

Resilient Leadership


Learn, adapt and thrive amid uncertainty, setbacks and challenges.

Regardless of our current performance and state of well-being, life and leadership skills are always moving targets. The only way to sustain personal and organizational success in a fast-changing world is by being able to adapt, rebound, learn, and navigate setbacks and challenges. We call this “resilient leadership”—a key to the sustained success of all great leaders and organizations.

How can we proactively pursue success in ever-changing conditions? How can we help our team rebound from setbacks? Is there a winner’s path to managing adversity? How much should we stay anchored and fight off challenges versus adapting to them? How can we flourish in turbulent times?

This Master Class teaches participants specific techniques for addressing these questions. Participants walk out with an appreciation of how resilient leadership is not simply about learning to rebound from setbacks, but is instead a much broader platform for enhancing their capacity to learn, grow, innovate, adapt, influence, manage conflict, and inspire change.

What Participants Will Learn

Managing Adversity

  • 3 types of responses to adversity
  • The winner’s response to adversity—and a practical toolkit for cultivating it

Resilience Toolkit

  • 5 principles of resilience—and tools to put these into practice
  • How to anticipate and respond to risks and uncertainty
  • When to stay anchored and fight off setbacks—and when to adapt and pivot
  • How to shift your mindset to help you lean into challenges rather than avoid them
  • How to make resilience a daily discipline