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Science of Self



Cultivate self-discipline, master the relentless demands of time, and pursue intentional change.

Our everyday behaviors are often in conflict with our highest aspirations. This Master Class teaches participants how to manage time, cultivate self-discipline, and pursue intentional change so that their short-term behaviors get aligned with their long-term goals in life and leadership.

Time management is one of the biggest personal leadership challenges in today’s times. This class introduces 10 principles for “Managing Time by Managing Your Self,” and guides participants in recalibrating their approach to life and leadership by putting these principles into action.

Science today is providing compelling evidence that self-discipline is at the core of success in life and leadership. This class gives participants a set of practical, scientifically validated behaviors and tools they can use to strengthen self-discipline in their pursuit of success.

Recent psychological studies reveal the strong influence our thoughts and imagination have on our behavior, and thus on our performance. This class introduces participants to a set of simple yet powerful tools—afirmation and visualization—to allow them to use the power of thought and imagination to create intentional change.

What Participants Will Learn

Managing Time

  • Framework for how to maximize your productivity
  • 10 principles for how to manage time by managing your self
  • Guided reflection to help implement these principles to help you generate immediate gains in productivity
  • 5 key insights—and an associated toolkit—for how you can “work smarter, not harder”


  • Scientific findings on how self-discipline drives success in life and leadership
  • Practical techniques for cultivating self-discipline
  • Affirmation and visualization
  • How your thoughts and imagination affect your behavior
  • Practical techniques for practicing affirmation and visualization