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Science of Self



Cultivate inner strength, focus and clarity—and realize who you truly are.

We often forget to nurture the most important relationship in our life—our relationship with our own self. Self-realization is the discipline that helps you develop not only a deeper understanding but a realization of your true self. IPL’s study of great leaders reveals how vital the pursuit of self-realization has been to them, allowing them to approach life and leadership with remarkable poise, clarity and strength.

This Master Class introduces participants to a number of powerful insights, reflections and tools through which they can pursue self-realization. Participants are given a framework they can use to explore, recraft their self-identity and drive breakthroughs in performance. They learn how self-esteem shapes their motivations and behavior, and they acquire a practical toolkit for strengthening it. They are introduced to disciplines of mindfulness and meditation that are today experiencing a surge of interest among scientists, business leaders and sports champions.

Self-Realization is an illuminating journey that helps participants demystify their “self,” open themselves up to new learnings and insights, and anchor themselves in their inner core.

What Participants Will Learn


  • Scientific findings on how your self-identity influences your performance
  • A 3-part framework for redefining your self-identity to maximize your potential


  • How high self-esteem is good for you—and bad for you
  • 4 paths and practical tools for cultivating self-esteem

Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Scientific benefits of meditation and mindfulness
  • Practical techniques and guidelines for practicing meditation and mindfulness