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IPL Engagement Model

Sometimes, we deliver a targeted learning event to a client. More commonly, we engage with clients across multiple steps of our 5D Engagement model below. This allows us to be true partners in guiding and executing your transformation and growth agenda.


Delivery Formats

We draw from a number of different formats in designing the most effective learning journey for your organization.



IPL  workshops provide an opportunity for participants to learn, experience and practice the principles, tools and techniques of Personal Leadership. Designed to be engaging and memorable, and to make new practices stick, each workshop is custom designed with the following elements: science-based frameworks and tools, great leader case studies, reflection exercises, peer coaching, role plays and action-learning activities.



We offer 1:1 coaching with experienced coaches who have pursued successful executive careers, have a strong passion for developing leaders, and are experts in the IPL Method.  Our coaches provide ongoing guidance, insights and tools to address their coachee's personal leadership challenges and development goals. Group coaching is also available.


Our proprietary digital learning platform, Mentora, delivers IPL classes in a step-by-step learning journey
that features video content, fieldwork exercises, participant discussions
and a leadership ‘flight simulator’ experience that is the first of its kind in the realm of leadership development.



We deliver high-impact webinars in 60-90 minute experiential sessions with live audio-visual interactions
among faculty and participants. It is a fully-engaged virtual classroom experience.



IPL Faculty are dynamic, thought-provoking and passionate speakers on a wide range of inspiring personal
growth and leadership topics. These keynotes can be delivered live or as live-streamed sessions.



Our team has deep expertise in business strategy, organizational change and talent development. We will collaborate with key stakeholders in your organization to define your learning and culture-change goals, establish a leadership and values-framework, diagnose current skill gaps and design the most effective learning interventions.