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Science of People

Strategic Influencing


Get key stakeholders to support your cause.

Many of us are trained in the technical mastery of our disciplines, but not in how to influence others. And yet, without this ability to influence people, teams, organizations and communities, our well-intentioned ideas gather dust and we are unable to succeed at making the transition from being a strong individual contributor to being a strong manager or leader.

This Master Class introduces participants to key insights and best practices in influencing. It teaches them a toolkit of 12 influencing tactics identified by recent scientific findings. It shows participants how great leaders approach influencing in a strategic manner, with a focus on the long term, and distills these great-leader studies into 5 principles of strategic influencing. These 12 tactics and 5 principles help participants become increasingly effective at influencing others over the course of their career. Participants also get a template they can use to plan and execute influencing dialogs.

In addition, participants get the opportunity to see influencing in action, as well as practice and get feedback on their own approach to influencing, through a series of film clips, video-based roleplays and an acclaimed feature film.

What Participants Will Learn

Influencing Tactics and Principles

  • Differentiating between compliance and commitment
  • 12 influencing tactics
  • 5 influencing principles for sustained strategic impact

Practice and Feedback

  • 4-part toolkit to prepare for and conduct an influencing discussion
  • IPL’s library of video-based roleplays that demonstrate poor and strong examples of influencing in practice

Strategic Influencing in Action

  • How great leaders gained commitment for their agenda from a broad range of stakeholders
  • Feature film that powerfully illustrates great influencing in action