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Science of Self

Success Principles for Life and Leadership


Apply transformational principles to forge success in life and leadership

Is leadership based largely on personal style or on universal principles? Should you focus on leveraging your strengths—or on eliminating your weaknesses? What motivates you to lead others, and why does this motivation matter? How can you lead effectively when you are stripped of power or resources? How can you tame the ever-growing complexity of life and work? Can you actually benefit from simplicity, by learning to do more with less? How could nonattachment propel you to even greater success? What’s the most effective way of dealing with conflicting ideas, goals, feelings and thoughts?

Success Principles for Life and Leadership taps the latest scientific findings and case studies of great leaders to shed a unique and powerful light on these questions, helping participants crystallize a clear set of success principles, and giving them practical techniques for implementing these principles to maximize their impact.

What Participants Will Learn

Principles of Great Leadership

  • 5 principles that have shaped the success of great leaders

Paradox: Embracing Opposing Ideas

  • Limitations of approaching situations in a binary manner
  • How to unlock your full potential by embracing the truth in opposing ideas, thoughts, values and feelings
  • Practical techniques for putting the power of paradox into practice

Nonattachment: Succeeding by Not Trying

  • Why many successful people from history have disavowed any attachment to their goals
  • 7 scientific benefits—how nonattachment to goals catapults you to greater success
  • A toolkit for cultivating the practice of nonattachment

Simplicity: Succeeding in a Complex World

  • How simplicity is the cornerstone of success for great achievers
  • Myths vs. reality about simplicity
  • Principles and tools to help you cultivate simplicity in life and leadership