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Suryaprakash Kareenahalli

Executive Director,
Digital Learning and Operations

At IPL, Surya leads operations, digital platform development, and client engagements in the IT industry. Surya is passionate about building high performing teams and changing mindsets of large teams to accept the new norm. He has successfully built business units that innovate fearlessly, have an empowered mindset and learn continuously. In his 28-year career in the software industry, he has helped clients modernize their IT landscape to be agile and adopt digital at scale.

Surya was most recently Senior Vice President at Infosys, responsible for the Retail, CPG and Logistics industry vertical globally. He led the modernization initiative for the company to help clients adopt Open Source, Agile and Cloud. He also oversaw delivery of projects for Infosys’ India business unit. Surya began his career with Sonata Software, an IT consulting company in Bangalore. He then moved on to Wipro and was part of the core senior management team at IT Solutions till it was acquired by NTT Data.

Surya lives with his wife in Bangalore, where they have just turned empty nesters. He loves long walks and spends his free time trying to understand the wisdom hidden in ancient scriptures.