Dan Burrier

Dan Burrier serves as a Senior Faculty member and Executive Director at IPL. He is a branding and personal leadership strategist, writer, speaker and ordained Zen priest. A lifelong student of human nature, technology, marketing and things just as they are, Dan has had the good fortune to have been able to apply these learnings in a variety of business settings.

As Worldwide Creative Director on Apple Inc. at BBDO; Co-President, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Ogilvy & Mather; and CEO of COMMON, he has guided brand and organizational behavior, market positioning and messaging for Apple, IBM, Motorola, Cisco Systems, Communities in Schools, Vodafone and a bevy of social-impact start-ups and nonprofit organizations.

In other hours of any given day, Dan interweaves his duties as husband, father, surfer, ultramarathoner, student of Zen and second-season blue-ribbon winning garlic farmer. “It is on the far, far unexplored edges of what we know—when we push there and beyond—that we discover what we are truly capable of."