Hitendra Wadhwa

As IPL's Founder, Hitendra Wadhwa researches, codifies and teaches the "Inner Mastery - Outer Impact" principles that underlie Personal Leadership. Hitendra is Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School, where his class on Personal Leadership & Success has for many years been the most popular leadership course, earning him the Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence. He is passionate about investigating the inner laws of outer success, and about using digital innovation to build scalable and sustainable models for leadership development. His work on Personal Leadership has won wide acclaim in leading media including Fortune, Financial Times, Wall St Journal, Psychology Today and BBC.  

In the past, Hitendra has forged a fusion between mathematics and business (Ph.D. in Management Science, MIT Sloan School), developed growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies (Consultant at McKinsey), and helped Silicon Valley build Web 1.0 (Founder and CEO of Paramark, a digital marketing company).  

Hitendra has a deep and abiding interest in the world's mystical traditions, especially in the ancient truth-seekers of the Himalayas. In his free time, he can be spotted taking long walks in Manhattan or watching films that stimulate the mind, stir the heart and ignite the spirit.