Petra Nemeth

Firmly believing that we are all works in progress, Petra considers herself a lifelong learner and pursuer of meaning. Her first passion—journalism—took her from investigating the truth to unraveling stories. Later, on the business side of media, she considered herself a strategic enabler of those developing content and writing stories.  

With IPL since its inception, Petra helped co-architect IPL’s innovative digital learning programs and has directed many of the company’s marketing, strategy and content-driven initiatives. Currently she serves as Executive Director and Senior Executive Coach.  

Petra brings to these roles a rich set of C-Suite experience: including President of Time Inc’s This Old House Ventures, Executive Vice President at Bertelsmann Inc. and Head of Bertelsmann Content Network. She was also Vice President, Television in the early days of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group.

Petra is a German native, has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and lives with her family in Westchester, NY. Three kids under the age of 15 give her plenty of challenges to try leadership lessons on the youth. She is passionately involved in her kids’ school district, tries to settle young minds through deliberate craft and enjoys being a learner again in the pursuit of karate.