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Mastering Emotions

Gain dominion over anger, anxiety, pessimism, stress and other emotions.


Emotions: The Optimal State
  • Latest scientific findings on how emotions help you, and how they hurt you
  • The significant role emotions have played for great leaders
  • The optimal state of mastery you should be striving for with emotions such as anger, optimism and anxiety
Mastering Emotions by Changing Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Typical mental distortions that cause people to experience disruptive emotions
  • Practical tools for how to master your emotions by changing your behavior and by changing your thoughts

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

Translate moments of conflict into collaborative, win-win exchanges.


Principles and Techniques
  • Framework for understanding key drivers of success in difficult conversations
  • 5 principles and 10 techniques for getting positive outcomes from difficult conversations
  • Techniques for how to constructively disagree with people or say “no” to them
Scientific Insights
  • Scientific findings on how our inner life—our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and values—affects our dynamics during moments of conflict
  • How great leaders have moved their people from conflict to collaboration, won over their opponents, and achieved win-win breakthroughs
Tools & Practice
  • Video roleplay challenges that help participants put their difficult-conversation techniques into practice and get feedback using IPL’s proprietary Mentora platform

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Driving Strategic Impact

Embark on your journey to becoming a strategic advisor.


Structuring the Problem-Solving Approach
  • How to define the scope of a strategy project
  • Toolkit for developing a strategic problem-solving roadmap
  • Strategies for rapidly focusing on core issues
Generating Strategic Insights from Data
  • How to build a robust fact base efficiently
  • Interviewing skills for extracting information from others
  • Synthesizing data to drive key conclusions
Developing Winning Strategies
  • Strategy project management skills
  • Framework and tools for developing high-impact recommendations
  • How to get buy-in from key stakeholders

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