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The Holdsworth Center Case Study



Our client, an educational nonprofit with the goal of raising the quality of education for the 5.5 million students in Texas public schools, brought us in to facilitate leadership training for superintendents, principals and key administrators across seven districts on one of their four learning objectives: Personal Leadership. Through our inner mastery curriculum, we sought to help these leaders establish a common vision to support current leaders and cultivate future leaders in the Texas public school system.

9.9 / 10
participants’ ratings of overall program satisfaction
9.9 / 10
participants’ likelihood of recommending the program


We gave participants a 360-degree assessment tool to help them gauge their inner mastery skills. We then launched a one-year coaching program and designed a three-day workshop covering inner mastery topics, such as purpose, emotional mastery, leading from the heart, growth, and time management. The relationship was then expanded into a multi-year partnership with additional touchpoints, more participants, and to include outer impact topics like communication and trust.