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Verizon Case Study



Verizon invited us to design content for its annual leadership academy program, with a focus on strategic problem-solving and effective communication.

Our challenge was to create a program that not only equipped leaders to solve complex problems, but also to give them an opportunity to address their own development needs.


We designed a program that drew on our work and research on Driving Strategic Impact and Mastering Difficult Conversations.

The learning journey included:

  • Self-paced digital learning experience on IPL’s platform, Mentora®
  • In-person workshop with IPL faculty
  • Role-plays that motivated the leaders to respond to written and video prompts every day for 10 minutes, using a set of scenarios and guidelines
  • Peer feedback that encouraged them to be candid and constructive while rating their peers on their role-play practice responses


of the leaders rated the program 4 or 5 (on a 5-point scale)
and would recommend it to others.

What These Leaders Say

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